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Time to update about me.

I started this blog 5 years ago. We have just celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary. There have been interesting times over the past 5 years. We went into business and that added a lot of challenges to us personally and as a couple. We have survived and even thrived eventually. I took a break from blogging for a while but I’m back on deck and will be sharing tips and ideas to keep the romance firing on all cylinders.

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I am very keen for your comments on my posts and would like you to share some of your romantic endeavours and bloopers.

Just an encouragement to add romance. Most women were wooed by their man with dinner dates, flowers, compliments and gifts. We fell in love with you because you worked to win our hearts. Don’t ever stop trying and we will love you forever and you will be a very happy man.

Married 20 years ( Now 25). Love life, love God, love people. I have two incredible children and one wonderful husband.

He has flashes of romantic brilliance. Which is good because if he was romantic all the time it would be ordinary.

I wrote that last sentence and started wondering what would happen if he were romantic all the time. It would no longer be surprising or mysterious but an expectation. It would mean he would have to work harder at romance for me to get the same thrill.

I believe that love and tenderness is an everyday thing, but romance is extra. It is best served as a surprise, with extravagance and intrigue. It should cause palpitations and ecstasy. Dare I say it those trashy romance novels describe the feelings well.

Begin the adventure of romance, discover the richness, excitement and passion it will add to your relationship.


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