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The Language of Love

The 5 Love Languages has helped many couples to create a deep and long lasting feeling of being deeply loved and appreciated. They can help you romance your mate in way that will be genuine and wonderful. There have been identified at least five ways that people identify as ways they feel loved and cherished. The first we will look at is.

  •  Words of Affirmation

If this is your love language, compliments mean the world to you. Genuine positive words about your efforts or your appearance give you the warm fuzzy feelings. On the other side if someone is rude and negative about you, you feel lousy and have trouble forgetting it. If this is you or your mate here are some ideas for you to try. Your partner will love getting a card that compliments them in a genuine way. So have a hoard of blank cards ready to go. Make a certificate of appreciation. Take the initials of their first name and select a positive word for each letter. Write a love poem from your heart Give lots of verbal compliments. Compliment them in front of others. Never criticise them when there is an audience.

  • Quality Time

For a person who’s primary love language is quality time.

You love spending time together. Having the other person focus on you and really listen to you floats your love boat. When they remember previous times together and referring to them makes you feel special. If there are distractions or you don’t feel listened to you don’t feel good.

How to give your mate quality time.

Turn off the TV, remove all distractions and let them talk, listen and respond.

Have some good questions lined up get to know your mate, or explore a topic they are passionate about.

Go for a walk together.

Plan a picnic.

Become a good communicator and remember previous conversations and refer to them.

  •   Acts of Service

If you like someone else helping you or taking responsibility for certain chores. Your love language is acts of service. Its important to you that they do it happily and then you feel supported. If you partner is lazy or makes more work for you, you feel unappreciated and unloved.

Things you can do that make your partner feel special and truly loved.

Learn to cook well. Maybe go to a cooking class together.

Work on a project together.

Help with household chores.

Learn a new skill or hobby together.

Hire a house cleaner if they like that idea.

  •         Receiving Gifts

You love gifts, they don’t need to be extravagant but when they are thoughtful and just right for you; you know you are loved. A surprise gift for no reason at all is just fantastic. If your special day is forgotten or the gift is thoughtless you feel awful.

How to express your love to  the gift receiver. It is not too difficult and you don’t need a bottomless purse.

Go shopping together.

Bring home flowers.

Buy small gifts, wrap them nicely and surprise them. You could make a treasure hunt with the gift at the end.

  •      Physical Touch

If this is you, you like holding, hands sitting close. Hugs, and thoughtful touches are what give you a boost. You will love things like massages
Having your partner close by is important to you, if they don’t reach out to you feel neglected and unloved

Things you can do to romance this mate are

Go for a walk and hold hands. Stop along the way and hug and kiss them.
Sit next to them while watching TV.
Have picnic together and do lots of cuddling.
Always kiss and hug when you are leaving or returning.

Enjoy finding out your mates love language and your own. Armed with this information you will be able to romance your mate in a way they truly appreciate.


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