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We all have our definitions in love. Following is excerpt from De:Fine by loveydorlaque

‘The perception formed in time measured by day dreams of the first crush or crushed by disappointment of failed attempts of equally requited love, it defines us. It becomes that thing we search for and want. We breathe for it, we leave for it,we stay for it. I love when I can stay; ask me to stay, make me want to stay.

Sigh….Love isn’t a dreamy haze, but a breathing organism. A form that moves and breathes. Less like a delicate butterfly that rests easily in the palm of my hand, more like an ever-changing thing that circles around the daily conscious choice to commit to or discard given person.’

My take on love. Romance Your Mate. I agree with the sentiments above. Love is a lot about committment and less about feelings. Having said that

you need both. The feelings come first and initially are the  greatest component of the romance. But as lust and infatuation fades you have to decide whether you like and love this person. At some point you decide this is the one. Then the commitment to them becomes important. At this point many couples make it official with a wonderful wedding.

This is when the work begins, what was natural in courting phase is overshadowed by the normality of life. To keep those flames of passion burning you need to keep wooing your mate.  So commitment  to one another becomes essential at this point. You stick together through the rough and easy phases of your relationship. My advice is make it fun , enjoy one another and make a commitment to romance each other as well love each other. This blog dedicated to romance not the review of trashy novels but the art of keeping the love alive and fresh. A breathing, heart beating moving organism that needs fuel to keep the love vibrant. That fuel is romance as you scroll through the posts in this blog will find a lot of great ideas to keep romance alive. Romance is not just roses and chocolates but we love them.

Check out the page on Love Languages. The love languages help you define what love language your partner is then you can focus your romantic endeavors in way they truly appreciate. If you can’t work out what love you or your mate is, a quick test will help you figure it out. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to fuel your passion for each other. You will melt into others arms and long for those intimate moments you can only have with your mate.

(If you are interested in a more in depth look at the  love languages you can go here.)


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