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a wedding

Just been to a beautiful wedding.Weddings are the beginning of something amazing. It is no coincidence that they are packed full of romance. Beauty, flowers, music, gifts and commitment vows these are all the building blocks of romance. You can’t get it wrong if you come home with a bunch of flowers that are the same as the ones your bride had in her bouquet. You can remind her how exquisite she looked and how you are blessed to be with her.
It is wonderful to reminisce about good memories you share.
The groom said this during his wedding speech. I am sure he was quoting someone. ” if a thousand artists painted for a thousand years they could not create something as beautiful as you you.’ aawww that is just what a girl wants to hear.


Actually, I Do

Actually, I Do.

About marriage but the comment that leaped out at me was “it starts with a grand romance.” Wonderful I say let that grand romance continue.

Keep the candles

The flowers and the dates

Don’t ever stop romancing your mate.

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