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The Weekend

Well it is the beginning of the week. I was able to romance my mate over the weekend. We went to a nice Turkish Restaurant (I have been doing a Turkish themed date plan on this blog wanted to try some Turkish food and get more inspiration) for lunch and then a movie documentary, that I knew he would like.

It was a lovely afternoon even though it was raining a lot. If we’d stayed home we probably would’ve bemoaned the weather.

I must say it is really fun putting this blog together because it motivates me to make more romantic effort. This weekend was a simple date but very enjoyable. I told him I was taking him out but kept the destination  and content of the date a surprise. He liked the unknown element of the plan and we were sitting in the theater watching the pre-movie trailers and he still didn’t know what movie we were about to see.

Start working on your date today for next weekend see 50 ways to Romance Your Mate for inspiration.


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