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Star gazing

A little preparation for this one.

Get a star chart of the night sky. The right time of year and location of course. Stars move.

Wait for a clear night. Pack some delicious nibbles, chocolate, fruits, nuts and nice drink: anything from champagne and strawberries, to hot chocolate.

Get a nice soft picnic rug and couple of pillows. Remember a torch too.

Find quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Check out you star chart and start finding the stars. If you are truly romantic you will find a star just for the two of you. One that stands out from the crowd that you can find easily again. Make this your star so that you can find it together or when you are apart you can search for the star and think about your love.

Don’t take this all too seriously make it light hearted and fun. Lots cuddles and kisses are mandatory for this date.

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