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Bridge to Brisbane

Well today I participated in The Bridge to Brisbane Event. So a personal pat on the back is in order. Now I am no athlete so I was in the walking/ jogging crowd. But I got to the end and got my tee-shirt to say I’d made it .I didn’t win the car, oh well better luck next time.

So how does this info fit in with a romantic theme. Well you get to know me just little better, but mostly I couldn’t help noticing how many couples were doing the race together. Encouraging each other or just taking it easy strolling along hand in hand. Now my partner is right into running.(Not right at the moment as he has just had a back operation) So if we did it together their would no hand holding, he would miles ahead of me and waiting for me at the finish line with a big smile and a  hug. that would be absolutely fine with me.

So just remember how ever you run the race, champion and encourage each other and be there  for each other at the end.


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