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Sydney Weekend cont.

Weekend started early with the alarm going off at 4 am Friday morning. Our wonderful son drove us to the airport (he has just got his licence).

Nice flight to Sydney weather quite mild. We just had a relaxing day. Caught a ferry to Manly and had lunch at the beach. Seagulls very cheeky, they stole a chip right out of my hand.

We went to the hotel to get ready for the evening. First stop a lovely restaurant for dinner, if you are interested in food I had slow baked lamb shank with polenta and my partner had fillet of venison.  The  Bistro Fax Cafe was a great place to dine. Both  meals were delicious. We always share.

A short walk to the theatre to watch the live show “Jersey Boys”. A good show the story of Frankie Valli. A beautiful evening with lots of romance.

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The highlight of the weekend was to be the collection of a little sports car. TVR Tuscan. We were going to drive it back to Brisbane with a stop over at Coffs Harbour. Well the god’s were not smiling on us. Just got the transfer permit organised and we were on our way. My partner comments that the car ahead of us is belching smoke, oh no it us sending smoke signals. We call a tow truck and take the car back to the car yard. Can’t get it fixed no mechanic available. Just a little problem when they put the bonnet back on the car after painting they left some wires dangling. They melted and they smoked. No road trip for us. The car yard pays for us to fly home a day early with no car. Oh well that was a disappointing. They will be sending it to us on the back of a truck later in the week. Shame no road trip for us.

Officially we are away all weekend. I’ll tell you what we did with Sunday tomorrow. There is always a Plan B.

Sydney Weekend

Well I’m off to Sydney for the weekend. Helping my mate to fulfil his dreams. We are bringing him home a very nice sports car. Driving the 12 hrs back over Saturday and Sunday. Will be posting photos etc when I get back.

I have booked  the show Jersey Boys for Friday night and let my man organise the dinner out before. So I’m looking forward to an amazing weekend just the 2 of us and the car of course.

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