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Romance Journal

Create journal of your romantic fantasies.

Share it with your soul mate.

We see all these beautiful images in Romantic movies of couples running into each others arms. Most often on hill tops or in meadows. Your fantasy may include this kind of imagery. You might want to them turn up unexpectedly at work and take you a romantic lunch date. they may leave a rose on your desk with a mysterious note.

Your fantasy might be about making something together where you have the opportunity to compliment them on their skills and steal cuddles and kisses as the project comes together.

You can also write poetry and thought s about love in the journal. You may even want to write about your romantic experiences, the emotions they evoked. These are great to share with your mate also.

Your imagination is all that limits your romantic fantasies. Have fun with the fantasies and share them with your mate. Get them to reciprocate. Keep the journal around because I know as you start romancing each other new ideas will just pop up. This journal will be an invaluable tool to help you and inspire you  for your future dates.

Have fun with the journal and visit us at Romance Your Mate also download my Free e-book 7 Steps to Romancing your Mate


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