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Sam’s Party

We normally get quite elaborate when you do parties but this year Sam said he wanted a quiet one with just a few mates.

So 6 friends came over to watch batman videos.

We had fun with decorations.

Sam had fun with his costume

I had fun making the cake

 A very laid back night. next year is a big party. They celebrate 18th here in a big way. Probably because they are legally allowed to drink.


Ups and Downs



Life has it’s ups and downs. Today I remember a down.

It is the anniversary of my son’s death. It happened 17 years ago but on days like today you can still feel the pain. I talked to my husband and said I wonder what he would be like now, he would be nearly 19. He  might have a girlfriend and be at University. Sam our only son now would be his little brother at nearly 17. He might like sport or science? We will never know because he died just short of his second birthday and it is hard to know what he would be like today. How would our family be different if there were two boys? How would he have enriched our lives, what humor what challenges would he have bought?

I remember him as a happy confident child who loved to sing and hum. He dug in garden, jumped on the trampoline and got into the pantry when he was hungry. He loved noodles and would suck them up one at a time with a delicious slurp. People said he had a very wise look about him and he smiled a lot. I miss him still and love I have for him is still alive even though he has been gone so long.

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