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Last Night

I look forward to Fridays. yesterday was a very good one.

I had the day off work which is always great.

Decided to go shopping. Time to update my summer wardrobe. Unfortunately I have put on weight and last years clothes don’t fit.

Came home with some bargains, very happy.

Hubby suggested after we had dropped our son off at Youth we should grab some Fish and Chips and go down to the river. I suggested we go to an award winning fish shop. I bought a yummy lime and coconut grilled fish and he got Mediteranian spices.

We have a beautiful city with a river that snakes its way through the CBD. So we found a lovely spot across from the city lights. We mused on the reflections of the river and talked about beauty and music and joked around. We sat close and kissed and just enjoyed being together. We had two rules say only positive stuff and no business talk. Was close to a perfect way to end the week. Simple and romantic





Two date ideas

Two date ideas

Weekend Markets- brunch date

We have a lots of fantastic markets in our city. There are Farmers markets that sell fresh produce, flowers and lots of food stalls that make scrumptious breakfasts. So make  great start to the day and stock up for week on food and romance. Make sure you buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If craft markets are more your style. Go for  leisurely stroll through the stalls. Lavish gifts upon your lover and finish with an intimate breakfast.

Remember you can increase the romance of the outing just by holding hands as you walk. Say positive and loving words. Put your arm around their shoulders when you stop to look at something.

Just take pleasure in the simple things of life.

Markets in Brisbane Australia

More more great rmantic ideas go to RYM

Go For a Boat Ride

Are you anywhere near water?  Borrow a canoe, hire a boat. Book a romantic Gondola or paddle boat cruise.

Surprise your partner don’t tell them what you have planned. Remember to sit close and tell them how wonderful they are.

Know that your mate is going to be the envy of all your friends if you lavish the love and attention  on them. You wont regret it I promise.


I want to suggest balloons can be a nice variation on the giving of flowers. Last night I was watching a romantic movie with my mate. The guy gave his lady a balloon and it was not  the right thing to do so his mates said.

But I disagree I love balloons. There are places that do lovely bouquets of balloons and you can often put a small gift inside.  We have a local craft store that does that but they also sell lots of really nice balloons. The metallic kind and the rubber kind.  You can also buy the helium canisters if you want the floaty kind. You can just blow them up and put them on a stick. This works well for a bouquet and is cheaper than the helium option.

It is a wonderful way to present a small gift as well. My Husband actually proposed to me with a balloon bouquet, and a balloon inside a balloon actually had the engagement ring. It was very romantic and a lot of fun at the same time.

Another idea is to write your own message on the balloon with a felt tip pen. You can also get the balloons they tie into animals and make nice flowers with these. My hubby learnt how to make them when he was doing childrens’ parties.



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