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Random Acts of Romance

Well I was preparing dinner tonight and came across a piece of paper with Random Acts O f Romance written on it. I must have been having a creative moment in the kitchen but not about cooking. Well would you believe I promptly lost that list.

So all I remember is the first one on this list. The rest I just made up.

Get a glue stick and write a message on a piece of paper and give your partner a bottle of glitter to shake on it to reveal your romantic message.

One for the guys. Give them some money or your credit card and tell them to buy you some sexy lingerie or clothing. Then you model it for them. (Make sure they’ve got your measurements).

Get a packet of sparklers and right messages with them when it is dark.

I was told recently by one of my readers that for guys romance is mainly about sex and their partners being sexy. Try this one at home. Wear a buttoned up coat with nothing on underneath. Let them discover what you have forgotten.

More random acts of romance coming your way soon.

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