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Dont Miss the Romance

This post is inspired by my own being so busy.

I write about organising romantic moments or experiences for our mates.

I even suggest my husband read my blog occasionally to get some hints. He is special and has created some brilliant romantic moments for me.

So the other day I missed (didn’t fully appreciate it) a romantic gesture. He was doing the grocery shopping and stumbled across some rare and expensive fruit that I like. He purchased them and I came home to find the shopping bag on my bed with fruit inside. I thanked him and asked how much. He responded, ‘I didn’t want to know the price!’

This gesture has most of the requirements for a small romantic gesture. He was thinking of me. Has got to know me well enough to get something he knows I will like. He surprised me.

Why did it take me til today to realise it was romantic ( better late than never so they say )? Not sure I was busy, found them just before going to bed,  I was tired. I wish I had responded in a more romantic and appreciative way. I think if he had put a note with them that said. ” Just Because  ……( I love you,       you’re the best,        only the best will do for my Love         etc…… you get the picture) I would have had to of been brain dead to miss the romance in the gesture. I have a sneeking suspicion he didn’t really recognise he was being romantic but just a loving mate.

So is any one curious enough to want to know what the fruit was?

Tamarillos (also known as Tree Tomatoes because they look like tomatoes they don’t taste like tomatoes)               and Feijoas. I love both of these fruit and they both have a very unusual and unique flavour.


Knowing your mate

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Early on in my blogging history I shared about understanding your partners love language. I gave you a brief overview of the five languages of love. These are vitally important when you are romancing your mate. You can spend a lot of time and energy and even money on romance that your mate won’t really appreciate if you buy gifts when all they really want is sincere compliments or quality time together.

Now my primary love language is quality time. I love doing things with my partner. The simple; like going for a walk and just catching up. I have an adventurous streak so taking on a  new challenge together is romantic for me. We recently learnt to scuba dive which was a big turn on for me.

A couple of other bloggers have talked about a mate who truly listens to them. Their primary love language could be quality time or appreciation. Yet another talked about being cared for particularly when they are not feeling great. Their love language is probably acts of service.


Here is a short list of things that are romantic for me:

  •  Cooking a meal together then sharing it at a beautifully set table with candle light.
  •   Hiking to new scenic spot, taking some awesome photos then putting down the camera and having a passionate kiss.
  • Learning a new skill like playing the guitar and then singing a love song.
  • Going to a spa and having a massage together.
  • Sharing quality wine and cheese and good conversation.
  • Jumping out of a plane together (with parachutes attached)
  • Going to a new country and helping out on a project.


Now my partner has a different love language. His are words of appreciation and physical touch.

So my list to romance him is a little different:

  • A shoulder rub and little speech about how wonderful I think he is.
  • A love note packed in his lunch.
  • Going to a spa and having a massage together.
  • Holding his hand while we are walking even at the mall.
  • Lots of hugs and kisses.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and you make your own list of what is romantic for you and your mate. Now be generous and share this first with your partner and second with us. If you are lucky some of the romantic things will be the same for you both do those mutual things often.

Remember knowing your mate makes romancing them so much easier and a lot of fun.

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Sometimes it is…

Polish gingerbread cookies from Toruń

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Sometimes it is the little things that count. I have been working fourteen hour days and get home tired. So small romantic gestures can be just the thing to give my heart a boost.

I found a small ginger bread heart on a card by my pillow when I got home. My husband was out so it was nice to know he was thinking of me. The little surprises are just the thing to keep the love alive and they don’t take hours of thought or preparation.

Some other small gestures you could try

A single rose on the pillow

A small card with a loving quote ie: ‘You light up my life.’ ‘ You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.’ ‘I smile every time I think of you.’

A hershys chocolate kiss.

A lunch time phone call or text  to say you are thinking of them.

So keep the romance alive with small loving acts.

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Top 10 Romantic Ideas

Relationships are a little like glaciers; under various pressures, they’re always moving and changing, gathering all sorts of debris. But after some time, they move so slowly, it’s easy to forget they’re there, particularly when you live together. To use a more familiar metaphor, one day your relationship is a wild ride, all loops and corkscrews, and then, out of nowhere, it’s mellowed and straightened out. Actually, it’s worse than that. It’s stagnating. Hey, it happens. No sweat. Relationships require management, like anything else in your life that’s as big and complex. One way is to inject a little romance. Now, depending on your definition, you may have to redefine romance a little. It shouldn’t always have a direct purpose; in other words, imagine romance as neither a means nor an end. Try to imagine it as something you do for her simply because you love her, and not necessarily to get sex later. Sounds corny, but it’s true nonetheless. With all that in mind, the home you share with your lady presents a bunch of romantic opportunities to reignite that stagnating relationship. The following suggestions, centered around the element of surprise, should get you started. In devising your own, plan what you do around your girl’s unique tastes. You know her best, so you would know, for example, that she loves chocolate but is currently dieting, or that she hates roses. Use your inside information.

Number 10

Hand her a hot towel

While she’s in the shower or taking a bath, throw her towel in the dryer for a few minutes. When she gets out, present her with the toasty towel. It’s sweet and thoughtful; she’ll love you for it.

Number 9

Give her a massage

She comes home from a horrendous day at work; she’s exhausted and even a little bad-tempered. So what do you do? Offer to give her a massage. Using aromatherapy oils, focus on her neck and back, the areas that tend to tense up under stress and cause aches and pains. You can create a mood by dimming the lights and lighting candles; it creates a more relaxing and romantic environment.

Number 8

Bring her breakfast in bed

A classic gesture, breakfast in bed is the proverbial “oldie but goodie.” Get up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and prepare breakfast just the way she likes it, with toast, fresh fruit, cinnamon buns, whatever. Then surprise her by serving it to her in bed. Another great way for her to start the day. Check out these other little gestures that will make her gush to her friends about how sweet and thoughtful you are.

Number 7

Write her romantic notesThe love letter or love note is an amazing thing; little effort is required to write her one, and yet you can express so much. So write her a few creative, unique love notes and leave them in unexpected places around the house. For example, in the morning, tape one to the bathroom mirror or to the coffee machine.

Number 6

Order inOrder in for dinner and have it waiting for her when she gets home. Create a romantic setting by recreating a restaurant feel on the dining room table (or in front of a fire, on the patio or wherever else you think might work), complete with plates, silverware and cloth napkins. For an extra romantic touch, add candles and a small vase with some flowers. Learn how to set a formal table and surprise her with your impeccable taste. Remember: the little details matter most.

Number 5

Start a fireIn the winter, get a fire going in the fireplace (if you have one, obviously). Then, set up some pillows and blankets, and uncork a bottle of wine. If you want to take things to the next level, have a romantic dinner sitting in front of that otherwise uneventful fireplace.

Number 4

Pack her lunch for workSurprise her by making a lunch for her to take to work. It’s an opportunity to be both thoughtful and romantic, since you can also slip in a love note or a flower. Furthermore, you can buy an individual slice of cake or pie from the grocery store, or some other dessert you know she likes.

Number 3

Show her feet a little tlc Bad day or not, if she’s been running around, her feet are probably sore. Prepare a foot bath for her and follow it up with a short foot massage. Then, if it feels right, paint her toenails. It might be best to make that last part spontaneous. If, for example, she’s planning to do it herself, you can offer your services. You’ll be surprised at how romantic — even erotic — it can be.

Number 2

Make her feel sexy with some lingerieLingerie is win-win. Your girl feels sexy and attractive wearing it, and the benefits for you go without saying. So buy her some nice lingerie and lay it out on the bed for her to find. Don’t buy the sluttiest one you can find, because the point is to make her feel good about herself. Think about what she likes, what she’ll feel good in, then combine that with your own tastes.

Number 1

Draw her a bath The bathtub is one of the most romantic household locales. Ensure that it is clean, then draw her a hot bath and add bath beads or bubble bath. If all goes well, she’ll invite you to join her.

up the romance

All these romantic gestures will make your woman happy. If you get rewarded in the process, so much the better, but making those rewards your sole motivation can only lead to disappointment. Just try to do it for her, and see what happens; it will probably come back to you.

Love A la carte

Menu of Love

A menu for some sweet sweet lovin’, that’s what we’re putting together this time around. One night this week, after finishing up with dinner and getting the dishes squared away, surprise your honey bunny with an after-dinner Menu of Love. Design it to look like a real restaurant menu and list some of their favorite romantic activities for each of the courses. Like some of these for example:


3 minutes of kissing their neck, stomach, or back
5-minute neck rub
Have them close their eyes and see if they can guess the flavors of candy in your mouth with kisses


A sunset walk
Romantic movie of their choice
Board games by the fire
Their favorite music and a glass of wine

Dessert (here we go)

Full body hot oil massage
Share a candlelit bath
Some of the naughty (you know what they like)

They all sound great, right? Remember your mate is limited to just one item from each course. No piggies! Of course the restaurant is often open for business.

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Define the Romantic Guy

A Romantic Guy

Romantic guys remember special occasions, always bring flowers and enjoy candlelight dinners. They send you little love notes and are happy to take you to the latest chick flick.

Champagne with strawberries by the fireplace on a wintry night is one of their favorite dates. They enjoy pampering their woman and making her feel as if she is living a fairy tale.

Romantic guys look for women who share their ideas of romance and enjoy having the door held open for them or taking a moonlight stroll on the beach, arm in arm.


What is your definition of the romantic guy.

Please let me know by making a comment.

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Love is a Drive

And love is a drive. Deep in the human brain lie three circuits that evolved to foster reproduction:

the sex drive, romantic love, and attachment to a partner. Each is associated with different brain chemicals and each interacts with the others.

So love comes down to chemistry, we need to keep those chemicals stimulated.

My partner would say love is a drive in Ferrari.

I would say love is a drive in a convertible (make unimportant) to beautiful picnic spot.

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