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Sydney Weekend cont.

Weekend started early with the alarm going off at 4 am Friday morning. Our wonderful son drove us to the airport (he has just got his licence).

Nice flight to Sydney weather quite mild. We just had a relaxing day. Caught a ferry to Manly and had lunch at the beach. Seagulls very cheeky, they stole a chip right out of my hand.

We went to the hotel to get ready for the evening. First stop a lovely restaurant for dinner, if you are interested in food I had slow baked lamb shank with polenta and my partner had fillet of venison.  The  Bistro Fax Cafe was a great place to dine. Both  meals were delicious. We always share.

A short walk to the theatre to watch the live show “Jersey Boys”. A good show the story of Frankie Valli. A beautiful evening with lots of romance.

For some great romantic tips visit RYM

The highlight of the weekend was to be the collection of a little sports car. TVR Tuscan. We were going to drive it back to Brisbane with a stop over at Coffs Harbour. Well the god’s were not smiling on us. Just got the transfer permit organised and we were on our way. My partner comments that the car ahead of us is belching smoke, oh no it us sending smoke signals. We call a tow truck and take the car back to the car yard. Can’t get it fixed no mechanic available. Just a little problem when they put the bonnet back on the car after painting they left some wires dangling. They melted and they smoked. No road trip for us. The car yard pays for us to fly home a day early with no car. Oh well that was a disappointing. They will be sending it to us on the back of a truck later in the week. Shame no road trip for us.

Officially we are away all weekend. I’ll tell you what we did with Sunday tomorrow. There is always a Plan B.


Sam’s Party

We normally get quite elaborate when you do parties but this year Sam said he wanted a quiet one with just a few mates.

So 6 friends came over to watch batman videos.

We had fun with decorations.

Sam had fun with his costume

I had fun making the cake

 A very laid back night. next year is a big party. They celebrate 18th here in a big way. Probably because they are legally allowed to drink.

Weekend to Remember

Have  you got a special someone you want to share your love with?

Take time this weekend to let them know how you feel.

Write them a card or love letter and tell them how you feel.

Take them somewhere special or cook them their favorite meal.

A really nice idea is to organize a  massage, you can both go to spa or get the masseuse to come to your house.

Buy them a small gift like perfume of cologne.

Let them know they are the most important person in your life.

Turkish Night of Delight

Turkish Night of Delight

Today I published my first book.

A practical guide on how to put together an unforgettable date. All the details are covered in this book. It is available at Amazon  on Kindle.

Its shows you how create a wonderful Turkish themed date. A lot of the ideas can be translated to other date themes.

My husband put together a Turkish themed date for me some years ago now. It is a cherished memory and it was incredibly romantic.

He cooked beautiful Turkish food. Dressed up our lounge with rich burgundy drapes and threw large cushions around the coffee table.

Now don’t get jealous, I am going show you how to recreate the magic of a Turkish date for yourself.

Let it Take Your Breath Away

Hang gliding Labor Day 2006 at Hyner View Stat...

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“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

This weekend challenge yourself to organise a date for your mate that will take their breath away.

First step to making breathtaking date is make it a surprise.

Some suggestions for the adventurous:

Skydiving, bungie jumping, fast laps at a race track, jet boat ride, hang gliding, tandem para-sailing or abseiling.

Tamer suggestions:

Scenic flight in plane, helicopter or balloon, take a gondola ride with champagne, go to a show or concert. Try horse riding

Budget Suggestions:

Watch the sun go down together, go for a bush walk, go to the zoo.

Keep the mystery and surprise for as long as you can. Just tease them with hints and


I want to suggest balloons can be a nice variation on the giving of flowers. Last night I was watching a romantic movie with my mate. The guy gave his lady a balloon and it was not  the right thing to do so his mates said.

But I disagree I love balloons. There are places that do lovely bouquets of balloons and you can often put a small gift inside.  We have a local craft store that does that but they also sell lots of really nice balloons. The metallic kind and the rubber kind.  You can also buy the helium canisters if you want the floaty kind. You can just blow them up and put them on a stick. This works well for a bouquet and is cheaper than the helium option.

It is a wonderful way to present a small gift as well. My Husband actually proposed to me with a balloon bouquet, and a balloon inside a balloon actually had the engagement ring. It was very romantic and a lot of fun at the same time.

Another idea is to write your own message on the balloon with a felt tip pen. You can also get the balloons they tie into animals and make nice flowers with these. My hubby learnt how to make them when he was doing childrens’ parties.



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