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Can’t Wait for the Weekend

Wineries & Venues

They say anticipation is half the fun.

So I’m getting excited about the weekend. We have tickets for an outdoor concert at a winery.

Called a Day On the Green.

So its’ time to shake out the picnic rug and plan the food.

My partner and I really love cheese and that is perfect when you team it up with a lovely wine.

So I will put together  a cheese platter. For more tips visit us

Cheese Platter

Good quality crackers

A hard tasty cheddar cheese

Smoked cheese/ Leiden Cumin Cheese ~ Leiden Komijnenkaas

Blue Cheese

Brie Cheese

Olives and semi-dried tomatoes

 Olive Tapenade/ Pesto


Salami (For Him)

We will nibble our way through the day and just enjoy the ambience.



Sam’s Party

We normally get quite elaborate when you do parties but this year Sam said he wanted a quiet one with just a few mates.

So 6 friends came over to watch batman videos.

We had fun with decorations.

Sam had fun with his costume

I had fun making the cake

 A very laid back night. next year is a big party. They celebrate 18th here in a big way. Probably because they are legally allowed to drink.

Afternoon Picnic

You’ve got to practice what you preach.

So my husband is recovering from a back operation and is not real mobile. So no dining out or movies.

I packed an afternoon tea and we took a short drive to a stream near home.

We both love the outdoors. This waterway is real pretty with ducks, and herons and other birds. There are also turtles in the pond, so we did some turtle spotting.

We talked about our future plans and dreams.

I spread out the rug so he could lay down. We had a variety of gourmet cheeses with light wafers. We completed the picnic with a light champagne and strawberries.The picnic was completed with a luxurious kiss.

A very pleasant afternoon date, a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Soft like a sunset

Soft Like a Sunset

Soft Like a Sunset

Red sky fading
Like guns blazing
Off, in in the distance
The sun swoops
While eyelids droop
With no resistance
As a leaf falls
So the night calls
Gently to the land
Like the soft kiss
Of my favourite miss
As she takes me by the hand



Go  on  a Sunset Quest.

See where you can find the most beautiful sunset

Look for them against mountains, through valleys, over water and in the city.

Take a picnic or a hot flask of chocolate. Remember your camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take time to enjoy the sun going down. Hold hands and enjoy the beauty of natures show.

Keep the Spirit of Love in our Hearts

Romance is that feeling, which keeps the spirit of love in our hearts, alive and fresh as always!

You cannot simply compare love to anything else in this world. The emotion changes everything around us. It paints the whole world into brighter hues of the nature. There is nothing that can be compared to this overwhelming feeling called love.

Another photo of the sunset at O’reilly’s.

So here’s an idea go on a sunset quest. Go out together and find the best sunset. Take your camera and a picnic. Spend many dusks looking for that perfect sunset. Let me know how you get on.

Sunset @ Oreilly’s

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.
Elynor Glyn

For our most recent anniversary we went into the Gold Coast Hinterland for the weekend. We love the bush and we love the nature. This was the sunset from our villa. Taken on our anniversary present a Nikon d7000.

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