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Last Day of my Life


Day on the Green

Well I finally have a minute or 2 to write up the Day on the Green

We got there nice and early. Got an excellent spot right behind the fenced off area. We were well organised with our cheese platter, outdoor chairs and blanket. We had to buy the wine from the venue.

The weather was perfect. The concert was well attended.  We thoroughly enjoyed the jazzy sound of Steve Winwood and Steely Dan. A wonderful laid back afternoon with my favorite person. A lovely way to romance each other.

We got to sit nice and close, we talked and held hands. A wonderful date and we will do this again.

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What You Know

Another cool music video clip that Sam has put together with a few video effects for another project.


Broadcast your love

oh the wonders of you tube.

Have a phone with video, or just a video camera

Create a loving video for your partner. You can star in it yourself and tell them how much you love them. You can quote poetry. Look back through this blog for some you could read. If you put poetry in the search box of this blog you will find some you could read on camera. Once you have uploaded the video be sure to send them the link so they can enjoy it as often as they like. They will love the personal touch of your romantic spirit.

The cheats version of this idea is to find a romantic song on you tube  and send them the link. Now this is no where as good but still a nice idea.


You Look Wonderful Tonight

We all need to hear this occasionally

Enjoy this romantic slow version of an Eric Clapton classic

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