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Love Letter Template

How to Write a Love Letter

There is so much advice out there that suggests we need to put pen to paper and express our feelings to our lover.

So I am going to create simple formula for you to follow.Firstly choose your stationery. You might like to format a word document with romantic images and a border, or buy some beautiful writing paper or a blank card.

Start the letter with a pet name or a statement like ‘To the most wonderful person on planet earth’ that’s you darling and here is why.

To find inspiration to write we could begin by looking at the five senses.


For example you may write something like this. You are beautiful to me. I love the way your eyes sparkle when you


or Your hair just glows in the sunlight and I love watching you style it.


eg. The way you voice changes when you are aroused fascinates and excites me.

or I love to hear you laugh it makes me happy.


for instance When I am close to you the scent of your  perfume transports to a meadow  full of  spring flowers.


You are a wonderful cook who is always looking for new gourmet delights to excite my taste buds.

or Your kisses taste like a fine wine


I love the feel of your skin, it is like a smooth silk.

or Holding your hand as we walk along gives me a comfortable pleasure.

or Your lips are soft and I love the way they melt into mine when we kiss.

or Your hugs are pure gold to me.

I suggest you expand on each of the thoughts you share. Tell them how each of the things you love about them makes you feel.

Lets look at an above statement and expand on it.

‘You are a wonderful cook who is always looking for new gourmet delights to excite my taste buds.’ I look forward to coming home to see what you have cooked up. I salivate when I smell delicious aromas coming form the kitchen. I am a very lucky guy (gal) to have food that is better than a 3 star restaurant. Love you’re work darling.

Another expansion for good measure.

I love the feel of your skin, it is like a smooth silk.’ I think about reaching out and touching the softness of your skin when we are apart and it just lights up my day and washes away my cares. I look forward to those caresses and your sighs of pleasure. I love being so close to you.

You are getting the picture. These ideas may sound soppy to you. The trick is to find things that you genuinely love about your partner express them creatively. What they are and how they make you feel.

Don’t use up all your ideas the first time to write because you want to send more than one of these love letters. You can write about their talents, or their personality. The way they care about people or causes or their parenting skills. When you are writing your letter you will most likely find more ideas come to you. Keep a note of them so you can write about them next time.

Finally you may like to post them to your partners work place,put them in their letterbox or on the car seat. You may want to present them with a rose or chocolates. You may want to read them aloud to them first and then
give them the letter to keep.

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