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New Adventure

Our beautiful fleet of cars

I have spoken before about encouraging your mate to go for their dreams. Well mine has just taken the plunge and we are in for the ride of our lives. Excuse the mixed metaphors. We have just bought a super car business. He has been car-mad ever since he could make vroom vroom noises.

The photo shows our stable of  4 wheeled thoroughbreds.

We take customers out on a scenic tour of the Gold Coast hinterland. Lots of ladies buy the experience for their mate, they sometimes come along to enjoy the ride.

Hard to find something romantic to get the guy’s engine humming. Well this is one that might do the trick. Both come along for great afternoon and top it off with a romantic dinner and night at Surfers Paradise. A perfect recipe for romance that you will both enjoy.

Check us out at Rent A Dream Car


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