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Sometimes it is…

Polish gingerbread cookies from Toruń

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Sometimes it is the little things that count. I have been working fourteen hour days and get home tired. So small romantic gestures can be just the thing to give my heart a boost.

I found a small ginger bread heart on a card by my pillow when I got home. My husband was out so it was nice to know he was thinking of me. The little surprises are just the thing to keep the love alive and they don’t take hours of thought or preparation.

Some other small gestures you could try

A single rose on the pillow

A small card with a loving quote ie: ‘You light up my life.’ ‘ You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.’ ‘I smile every time I think of you.’

A hershys chocolate kiss.

A lunch time phone call or text  to say you are thinking of them.

So keep the romance alive with small loving acts.

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