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Simple Romantic Breakfast

The Eggs

A great way to start the weekend is with a simple romantic breakfast. Some heart shapes and flowers are a good way to begin. These silicon shapes are about $2 each from cookware shops. The flower shape is actually a square turned inside out. you could use them for small pancakes too if you like.

The Toast

Once again a cheap plastic imprinter used before you cook the toast

The Drink

I think champagne glasses always look nice and you can put a nice bubbly in them if you like. I am not  true connoisseur when it comes to champagne I like a strawberry put in the bottom of the glass. I like the way the strawberry tastes after it has soaked up the bubbly.

I filled these glasses up with ice and then poured the cranberry juice over. Cool and refreshing.


Finishing Touches

I finished off the plate with curled slices of prosciutto, lime and chilli mayonnaise  for the eggs and sprig of flat leafed parsley.

We are not really breakfast in bed people so we enjoyed this on our outdoor deck.

This was my simple but romantic breakfast. Let it inspire you

create something beautiful for your mate. Let the romance begin at the beginning.


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