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Being Apart

Well I am on holiday and it has been hard to get to a computer and post.

Today I am going to take the time.

This has been a peculiar holiday for me. I am away without my mate.

I have travelled to some truly beautiful parts of the South Island of New Zealand. Has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. My teenage son has been my travelling companion and he has been very good company.

Often I thought how I wanted to share what I was seeing or doing with my partner. I have tucked these thoughts away and maybe when we are not so busy I might surprise him with a holiday to some of the places.

A thought about being away from your loved one. It is good just every so often to be apart, because at those times you realise how special your mate is. And yes the reunion is oh so sweet. He is flying over in two days and I can’t wait. Another family wedding to attend and then back to the real world.

Hopefully when I get home I will be able to post some lovely photographs of our holiday.

English: Archway Islands seen from Wharariki B...

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