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dress for success

So you’ve booked a date. You are all excited and want to have a wonderful time. A good idea to prepare ahead of time.

What should you wear formal, smart or casual? You need to be comfortable and happy in your clothes. check this out for an in depth look at what to wear girls


The guys can go here


Make sure you are tidy. Iron your shirt, polish your shoes etc.

Before you go out pay attention to your grooming, bath and add a dash of subtle cologne.

Don’t eat garlic or salami or any other breath killing food on the day of the date.

Now the stubble look might be in on the big screen, but honestly it causes a lot of lip rash, so if you are going to be after some lip locking – shave. preferably just before you go out.

Some of the best beauty accessories are  a smile and positive energy. Also stand tall pay attention to your posture.

Above all enjoy yourself and your partner.


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