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Sam’s Party

We normally get quite elaborate when you do parties but this year Sam said he wanted a quiet one with just a few mates.

So 6 friends came over to watch batman videos.

We had fun with decorations.

Sam had fun with his costume

I had fun making the cake

 A very laid back night. next year is a big party. They celebrate 18th here in a big way. Probably because they are legally allowed to drink.



I want to suggest balloons can be a nice variation on the giving of flowers. Last night I was watching a romantic movie with my mate. The guy gave his lady a balloon and it was not  the right thing to do so his mates said.

But I disagree I love balloons. There are places that do lovely bouquets of balloons and you can often put a small gift inside.  We have a local craft store that does that but they also sell lots of really nice balloons. The metallic kind and the rubber kind.  You can also buy the helium canisters if you want the floaty kind. You can just blow them up and put them on a stick. This works well for a bouquet and is cheaper than the helium option.

It is a wonderful way to present a small gift as well. My Husband actually proposed to me with a balloon bouquet, and a balloon inside a balloon actually had the engagement ring. It was very romantic and a lot of fun at the same time.

Another idea is to write your own message on the balloon with a felt tip pen. You can also get the balloons they tie into animals and make nice flowers with these. My hubby learnt how to make them when he was doing childrens’ parties.



The Couple that Plays Together

The couple that plays together stays together.

Finding things that you love doing together is great for the growth of your relationship

Always learn something new together.
It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking or deep sea diving. Seek something both of you have not experienced before and learn it together. Learning a new skill  is great  bonding experience and it allows you to create common interests. It is obvious that you should choose something you both will enjoy.

(My partner and I have recently got our dive certificate which we did together and I am looking forward to going diving in some exotic locations. As soon as he recuperates from a back operation. Can’t wait.)

The adventure of participating in hobbies you have learned together will give you  lots of fun and wonderful memories. With a common interest you will find it easy to fill your time together. You will have plenty to talk about and explore. So go ahead today and work out what you can learn and do together.

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