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Rooms for Romance

So I heard a whisper there’s a global recession – maybe you caught something in the TV too, they hardly mention it… anyway, if you’re tightening the purse strings a little, maybe consider a romantic night in, instead of shelling out for a snazzy restaurant. But what can we do for a great romantic night in? Well before we start brainstorming, let’s start at the other end by agreeing what we want to achieve from the night, cos that will shape what exactly we’ll then do for our romantic night in. What we want from a romantic night in Any or all of the following will contribute to a great romantic night in – privacy, enough time, comfortable setting, opportunity to chat about why your relationship is great, feeling close, intimate and sexy. And what kinds of things can we do for a romantic night in? Well let’s just choose each room in the house and take it from there…


Well I talked about easy romantic meal ideas before, and the joys of actually sharing the cooking and preparation. Put some good tunes on, share the tasks and a bottle of wine, enjoy cooking together (don’t bicker about their chopping technique – stay focused on the romance!) then sit down and enjoy the meal and the sense of achievement of being a great team. Afterwards you can retire to the…

Living Room

Well y’know the cosy sofa-movie-popcorn/chips-wine idea is popular for a reason – it’s awesome – so let’s not mess with a winning formula, but how about picking a movie you can actually talk about during and after – pause for a while every now and again and talk about what you think of the characters, plot, etc, and make the movie something you are actually sharing, instead of sitting in slience for 2 hours until the end then both shrugging and saying “That was ok, huh?”… if you choose to pick a movie with great love scenes to umm.. discuss, then even better as that would lead you to one of the next two rooms…


Bath. Soapy water. Back rubs. Nice smelly stuff. Bathrobes & slippers. Nice and relaxed. Get the picture? Bedroom Well I guess you don’t need my advice on what you could do in here, but let’s face it, even the best relationships lose that spice in the bedroom as familiarity kicks in


So this one we can let you work it out. Just try something new

So are you up for a great romantic night in now? I hope so, because these are the types of ‘dates’I enjoy the most, with familiar surroundings, the person I love, and the time and opportunity to spend quality time with them just being a couple – no kids, colleagues, iphones, or anything. Enjoy your romantic night in.

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