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21 years and still romancing

I have been so very busy I haven’t had a chance to update lately. Really spending a lot of time helping my husband with our new business.

We have just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We took time out to celebrate. First time ever I booked the secret hotel deal where you get great discount on a quality hotel, but before you book you don’t know which hotel it will be. It adds a bit of fun and mystery to the process. We had 3 nights away. First mystery hotel was 5 star and very nice. Want those hotel sheets they are so smooth.
We had a voucher for a 6 course degustation. I have to say they should think of a nicer sounding word than degustation as it is too close to disgusting. Well the meal was very delicious. A degustation for those who don’t know is small serving samples of the restaurants menu and have become very popular with the top class restaurants.

Second night was all planned a beautiful cabin on Tamborine Mountain Gold coast. It came with a meal at the award winning restaurant which was absolutely the best.

My favourite dish was Squid ink tortellini and scallops warped in parma ham.

Small hiccup in the bush. A couple of leeches latched on to me. I brushed them off and then bleed for a while. Apparently leeches are ok bugs and are used in medicine all the time. Ugg

The next day we were meant to be working, but as one of the cars was still being worked on we had to cancel the drives. We were driving the Lamborghini so it felt very special.

Drive 3 beautiful Supercars through the Gold Coast Hinterland

The lambo is part of our business

The last night of the weekend was spent in another mystery hotel 4 1/2 star still very nice.
We did one drive for customers on Sunday so it was a very relaxed day. We got back to the city in time for Sunday evening Church. So all in all a pleasant way to spend an anniversary.


Sydney Weekend

Well I’m off to Sydney for the weekend. Helping my mate to fulfil his dreams. We are bringing him home a very nice sports car. Driving the 12 hrs back over Saturday and Sunday. Will be posting photos etc when I get back.

I have booked  the show Jersey Boys for Friday night and let my man organise the dinner out before. So I’m looking forward to an amazing weekend just the 2 of us and the car of course.

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Two date ideas

Two date ideas

Weekend Markets- brunch date

We have a lots of fantastic markets in our city. There are Farmers markets that sell fresh produce, flowers and lots of food stalls that make scrumptious breakfasts. So make  great start to the day and stock up for week on food and romance. Make sure you buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If craft markets are more your style. Go for  leisurely stroll through the stalls. Lavish gifts upon your lover and finish with an intimate breakfast.

Remember you can increase the romance of the outing just by holding hands as you walk. Say positive and loving words. Put your arm around their shoulders when you stop to look at something.

Just take pleasure in the simple things of life.

Markets in Brisbane Australia

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Go For a Boat Ride

Are you anywhere near water?  Borrow a canoe, hire a boat. Book a romantic Gondola or paddle boat cruise.

Surprise your partner don’t tell them what you have planned. Remember to sit close and tell them how wonderful they are.

Know that your mate is going to be the envy of all your friends if you lavish the love and attention  on them. You wont regret it I promise.

Bridge to Brisbane

Well today I participated in The Bridge to Brisbane Event. So a personal pat on the back is in order. Now I am no athlete so I was in the walking/ jogging crowd. But I got to the end and got my tee-shirt to say I’d made it .I didn’t win the car, oh well better luck next time.

So how does this info fit in with a romantic theme. Well you get to know me just little better, but mostly I couldn’t help noticing how many couples were doing the race together. Encouraging each other or just taking it easy strolling along hand in hand. Now my partner is right into running.(Not right at the moment as he has just had a back operation) So if we did it together their would no hand holding, he would miles ahead of me and waiting for me at the finish line with a big smile and a  hug. that would be absolutely fine with me.

So just remember how ever you run the race, champion and encourage each other and be there  for each other at the end.

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