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Speaking the Language of Love: Words of Affirmation

Over the next few days we are going to look at different ways people express love and what makes them feel loved. There have been identified at least five ways that people identify as ways they feel loved and cherished.

The first we will look at is.

• Words of Affirmation
If this is your love language, compliments mean the world to you. Genuine positive words about your efforts or your appearance give you the warm fuzzy feelings. On the other side if someone is rude and negative about you, you feel lousy and have trouble forgetting it.

If this is you or your mate here are some ideas for you to try.

Your partner will love getting a card that compliments them in a genuine way. So have a hoard of blank cards ready to go.
Make a certificate of appreciation.
Take the initials of their first name and select a positive word for each letter.
Write a love poem from your heart
Give lots of verbal compliments. Compliment them in front of others. Never criticise them when there is an audience.


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