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New Adventure

Our beautiful fleet of cars

I have spoken before about encouraging your mate to go for their dreams. Well mine has just taken the plunge and we are in for the ride of our lives. Excuse the mixed metaphors. We have just bought a super car business. He has been car-mad ever since he could make vroom vroom noises.

The photo shows our stable of  4 wheeled thoroughbreds.

We take customers out on a scenic tour of the Gold Coast hinterland. Lots of ladies buy the experience for their mate, they sometimes come along to enjoy the ride.

Hard to find something romantic to get the guy’s engine humming. Well this is one that might do the trick. Both come along for great afternoon and top it off with a romantic dinner and night at Surfers Paradise. A perfect recipe for romance that you will both enjoy.

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The proposal in the rain

The proposal in the park in the rain

It broke a record that day, the most rain to fall in Central Park for that day, I think it was 5.5 inches, and it felt like I absorbed most of it.

After watching the ducks for a while a couple came strolling down the walkway, hand in hand:

Only to stop on top of Bow Bridge. He held her hand, kissed her, and talked for a few minutes:

And then it happened:

She was shocked, let out a scream, and forgot that she was holding on to an umbrella:


They held, and kissed, and said sweet nothings to each other. They were on cloud nine!

And then it sank in:

A few more minutes past to regain composure, and then he introduced us. We gave our congratulations, provided some dry tissues and smiles. A brief stroll through the park followed as we all walked back to the streets to get our cabs, but along the way we stopped for a photo or two to take advantage of the beautiful atmosphere only a rainy day can provide:

Creator of Dgrin’s “Last Photographer Standing” contest

Sunday Spa

So Sunday we were supposed to be driving our lovely little sports car back home. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be.

I said we still have Sunday lets make up for our disappointment. So we quickly planned what turned out to be a fantastic day.

WE drove about an hour from home to Tamborine. The hinterland of the Gold Coast. Beautiful part of the world with views back down to the coast.

We  started with a visit to the local weekend markets. Did a few food tastings and came away with an interesting goat camembert cheese. We then went to Gallery walk which is a collection of art galleries, craft and fudge/ chocolate shops. More tastings plus a nice winery where we got some good red wine.

A walk in the bush came next. Just a short one to some waterfalls. Took some arty photos and then on to the highlight of the day. A spa experience.

Spa began with a steam room, then a soak in a spa followed by a mineral bath. We were left alone in the is room with our cheese and wine. That was 90 minutes of bliss. But wait there is more. A relaxing massage followed by a facial. Yes we both felt pampered and relaxed. Yes my husband had the facial too.

An absolutely beautiful day, all planned just the night before. I do believe in planning for  romance, but sometimes you can plan last minute and still make it a winner.

Thanks honey for a fabulous day. You did great.

Photos to follow.

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Aerial view of Gold Coast, Queensland, Austral...

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Day on the Green

Well I finally have a minute or 2 to write up the Day on the Green

We got there nice and early. Got an excellent spot right behind the fenced off area. We were well organised with our cheese platter, outdoor chairs and blanket. We had to buy the wine from the venue.

The weather was perfect. The concert was well attended.  We thoroughly enjoyed the jazzy sound of Steve Winwood and Steely Dan. A wonderful laid back afternoon with my favorite person. A lovely way to romance each other.

We got to sit nice and close, we talked and held hands. A wonderful date and we will do this again.

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Photo taken on our last anniversary at Oreilly’s  NikonD7000 Yes the rainbow is real no photoshop

Getting to Know your Mate

Last week we talked about finding out about your partners dreams and how to encourage them to go for those dreams.

The challenge this week is to find out something new about your partner. Go out somewhere nice, a park or for coffee and just start talking.

It may be you will have to ask some questions to get the conversation started. ” Tell me something memorable from your childhood that you haven’t told me before.”

You may want to look at what some of their favorite things are in  less common areas  like “What is your favorite place to make out?”

As always you reciprocate and tell them some interesting information about you they don’t know.

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Let it Take Your Breath Away

Hang gliding Labor Day 2006 at Hyner View Stat...

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“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

This weekend challenge yourself to organise a date for your mate that will take their breath away.

First step to making breathtaking date is make it a surprise.

Some suggestions for the adventurous:

Skydiving, bungie jumping, fast laps at a race track, jet boat ride, hang gliding, tandem para-sailing or abseiling.

Tamer suggestions:

Scenic flight in plane, helicopter or balloon, take a gondola ride with champagne, go to a show or concert. Try horse riding

Budget Suggestions:

Watch the sun go down together, go for a bush walk, go to the zoo.

Keep the mystery and surprise for as long as you can. Just tease them with hints and

200 couples were arrested

In Sri Lanka, 200 couples were arrested for kissing in public areas

Affection in public areas is prohibited in Sri Lanka. Earlier this month, approximately 200 couples were arrested because they do a hot session in the public areas without the slightest embarrassment.

“Not to worry, we will usually free them after telling their parents,” said police spokeswoman.

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