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wow factor

dryiceWant to jazz up the presentation of a special meal?

Buy a little hunk of dry ice from a local ice house.

Put it in a bowl of water and place it on your serving tray. You’ll create wondrous, billowing white clouds!


Dont Miss the Romance

This post is inspired by my own being so busy.

I write about organising romantic moments or experiences for our mates.

I even suggest my husband read my blog occasionally to get some hints. He is special and has created some brilliant romantic moments for me.

So the other day I missed (didn’t fully appreciate it) a romantic gesture. He was doing the grocery shopping and stumbled across some rare and expensive fruit that I like. He purchased them and I came home to find the shopping bag on my bed with fruit inside. I thanked him and asked how much. He responded, ‘I didn’t want to know the price!’

This gesture has most of the requirements for a small romantic gesture. He was thinking of me. Has got to know me well enough to get something he knows I will like. He surprised me.

Why did it take me til today to realise it was romantic ( better late than never so they say )? Not sure I was busy, found them just before going to bed,  I was tired. I wish I had responded in a more romantic and appreciative way. I think if he had put a note with them that said. ” Just Because  ……( I love you,       you’re the best,        only the best will do for my Love         etc…… you get the picture) I would have had to of been brain dead to miss the romance in the gesture. I have a sneeking suspicion he didn’t really recognise he was being romantic but just a loving mate.

So is any one curious enough to want to know what the fruit was?

Tamarillos (also known as Tree Tomatoes because they look like tomatoes they don’t taste like tomatoes)               and Feijoas. I love both of these fruit and they both have a very unusual and unique flavour.

She’s Special

In our corner of the world we are about to celebrate Mother’s day.

Perfect time to treat your lady like she is special. Maybe she is not a mother but don’t let that stop you showing your appreciation. She might be a mother to pet or  fun Aunty or even just a future Mum. Just find time to be extra nice to her.

Our family love pancakes and we all have different toppings we like. Have fun make interesting shapes or smiley faces or try some of the the more grown up recipes below.

So I’m going to give you recipe and some topping ideas.

Basic mix:

1 C. self raising flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
60g unsalted butter
1 c. buttermilk (can substitute milk)
2 tbsp honey
1 egg lightly beaten

Cook pancakes

You can add blueberries to the mix and then top with blueberries, strawberries and maple syrup

My favorite idea
Icecream and crushed violet crumble or crunchie bar.

Pineapple and Coconut Pancakes
1/2 c sugar cooked over low heat til dissolved and caramel colour add 2oomls light coconut milk remove from heat stir in pineapple pieces.
Add 1 tsp coconut essence to pancake mix.
Layer pancakes and pineapple mix top with flaked coconut

Banofe Pancakes
Make caramel topping  add bananas and whipped cream

Need some savoury ones

Add an extra 1/2 cup of buttermilk to mix. Cook pancakes then layer olive tapenade salami and rocket lettuce, sprinkle with grated cheese put another pancake on top and cook in sandwich press.

Salmon Pikelets

Omit the honey from the pancake recipe add 1/4 of self raising flour and 2 tbsp sugar.
Cook pikelets top with sliced smoked salmon. sour scream and chopped chives


21 years and still romancing

I have been so very busy I haven’t had a chance to update lately. Really spending a lot of time helping my husband with our new business.

We have just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We took time out to celebrate. First time ever I booked the secret hotel deal where you get great discount on a quality hotel, but before you book you don’t know which hotel it will be. It adds a bit of fun and mystery to the process. We had 3 nights away. First mystery hotel was 5 star and very nice. Want those hotel sheets they are so smooth.
We had a voucher for a 6 course degustation. I have to say they should think of a nicer sounding word than degustation as it is too close to disgusting. Well the meal was very delicious. A degustation for those who don’t know is small serving samples of the restaurants menu and have become very popular with the top class restaurants.

Second night was all planned a beautiful cabin on Tamborine Mountain Gold coast. It came with a meal at the award winning restaurant which was absolutely the best.

My favourite dish was Squid ink tortellini and scallops warped in parma ham.

Small hiccup in the bush. A couple of leeches latched on to me. I brushed them off and then bleed for a while. Apparently leeches are ok bugs and are used in medicine all the time. Ugg

The next day we were meant to be working, but as one of the cars was still being worked on we had to cancel the drives. We were driving the Lamborghini so it felt very special.

Drive 3 beautiful Supercars through the Gold Coast Hinterland

The lambo is part of our business

The last night of the weekend was spent in another mystery hotel 4 1/2 star still very nice.
We did one drive for customers on Sunday so it was a very relaxed day. We got back to the city in time for Sunday evening Church. So all in all a pleasant way to spend an anniversary.

Simple Romantic Breakfast

The Eggs

A great way to start the weekend is with a simple romantic breakfast. Some heart shapes and flowers are a good way to begin. These silicon shapes are about $2 each from cookware shops. The flower shape is actually a square turned inside out. you could use them for small pancakes too if you like.

The Toast

Once again a cheap plastic imprinter used before you cook the toast

The Drink

I think champagne glasses always look nice and you can put a nice bubbly in them if you like. I am not  true connoisseur when it comes to champagne I like a strawberry put in the bottom of the glass. I like the way the strawberry tastes after it has soaked up the bubbly.

I filled these glasses up with ice and then poured the cranberry juice over. Cool and refreshing.


Finishing Touches

I finished off the plate with curled slices of prosciutto, lime and chilli mayonnaise  for the eggs and sprig of flat leafed parsley.

We are not really breakfast in bed people so we enjoyed this on our outdoor deck.

This was my simple but romantic breakfast. Let it inspire you

create something beautiful for your mate. Let the romance begin at the beginning.

Knowing your mate

Oxygen toxicity occurs when the lungs take in ...

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Early on in my blogging history I shared about understanding your partners love language. I gave you a brief overview of the five languages of love. These are vitally important when you are romancing your mate. You can spend a lot of time and energy and even money on romance that your mate won’t really appreciate if you buy gifts when all they really want is sincere compliments or quality time together.

Now my primary love language is quality time. I love doing things with my partner. The simple; like going for a walk and just catching up. I have an adventurous streak so taking on a  new challenge together is romantic for me. We recently learnt to scuba dive which was a big turn on for me.

A couple of other bloggers have talked about a mate who truly listens to them. Their primary love language could be quality time or appreciation. Yet another talked about being cared for particularly when they are not feeling great. Their love language is probably acts of service.


Here is a short list of things that are romantic for me:

  •  Cooking a meal together then sharing it at a beautifully set table with candle light.
  •   Hiking to new scenic spot, taking some awesome photos then putting down the camera and having a passionate kiss.
  • Learning a new skill like playing the guitar and then singing a love song.
  • Going to a spa and having a massage together.
  • Sharing quality wine and cheese and good conversation.
  • Jumping out of a plane together (with parachutes attached)
  • Going to a new country and helping out on a project.


Now my partner has a different love language. His are words of appreciation and physical touch.

So my list to romance him is a little different:

  • A shoulder rub and little speech about how wonderful I think he is.
  • A love note packed in his lunch.
  • Going to a spa and having a massage together.
  • Holding his hand while we are walking even at the mall.
  • Lots of hugs and kisses.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and you make your own list of what is romantic for you and your mate. Now be generous and share this first with your partner and second with us. If you are lucky some of the romantic things will be the same for you both do those mutual things often.

Remember knowing your mate makes romancing them so much easier and a lot of fun.

for more great ideas visit RYM

Romantic weekend

Seven Mile Restaurant

I have just come back from a wonderful weekend.

My husband said that all our holidays lately have been messed up somewhat. The weekend just past was no exception to this.

The weekend was my husbands last free weekend before he takes over a business that runs mainly on the weekends. So it was to be a celebration and well earned break for both of us.

The plan was to drive about 5 hours north of our home and board a boat for a three day night cruise on the Great Barrier Reef. A call earlier in the week told us that the cruise was cancelled. So the scramble to make alternative plans. We thought we’ll go up north anyway and do day cruises to the reef with idea of  upgrading our diving licences. A check of the weather further depressed us at there was high wind warnings for the weekend and therefore cruising and diving in that region was not looking like a good prospect.

My husband threatened to go to work and forget the weekend all together. I have to say that wasn’t very helpful of him. I said lets just go away anyway. I went to work Friday morning with plan to finish at lunch time. He packed the boot and came and collected me. We stopped in town for lunch and I said, “lets go in the other direction down to Byron Bay, we might get some diving in down there.” So we set off on a 2 hour drive rather than a 5 hour one.

Excitement started to bubble up as we got the final OK on the business we are buying. We got to Byron Bay found it was very busy and I had found an apartment 10 minutes away at Lennox Heads. Very picturesque and quieter.

Something I found to be a very good idea when visiting an area to is to talk to the locals. You find out about gems that are not in the tourist guides. We were told about a nice little restaurant across from the beach. The food was absolutely exquisite at the Seven Mile Restaurant if you are ever in the area do book a table there. I’ve eaten at three hatted restaurants and the food at Seven Mile was right up there.

Oh and the weather was perfect for diving too. We got in two dives at Julian Rocks. Saw all the beautiful colorful little tropical fish.Some of the highlights were the well camouflaged wobbegong sharks

a sea turtle tucked under a rock and a grey nurse shark at least as long as us with a crowd of other fish sticking close to the nurse. We had a wonderful time diving.

Pretty much my perfect weekend. A bit of adventure, fine food and private spa on the deck of our apartment. So even if our original holiday got messed up we still had a fabulous time. If something tries to put a damper on your romance don’t give up and forget about it be flexible and try something else. Our planned weekend didn’t happen but we had a spontaneous one instead and I think it was probably all the more fun because of that.

A couple of comments about romance from my observations of this weekend are. ‘It is not all flowers, chocolates and gifts. But it is doing things together that you truly enjoy.’

I’d like to say thank you to my best mate for sharing such a fantastic weekend with me.

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