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How you Met

How did you meet your partner?

Where were you, why were you there, what were you doing?

Work out the elements that precipitated the beginning of romance.

Identify that one pivotal event that brought the two of you together.

Celebrate that event every year.

The date doesn’t have to be exact and  you can add elements of your meeting into the celebration.

Someone I know met her future husband when he spilled wine on her at wedding.

To reminisce this one. Dress up go somewhere nice a meal perhaps with a bottle of wine. Fill the glasses and entwine your arms and say, ‘Remember when I slipped and this landed in your lap. I’ll never forget how your annoyance turned to laughter when you saw how mortified I was”

I started to notice my future husband on a mission trip. We could get out some of the photos and talk about how we recognised a passion for the same things and then for each other.

Think about this one and maybe the first time you celebrate your first love you can surprise your partner but after that make it a tradition.


Comments on: "How you Met" (1)

  1. hhmm.. i remember exactly how my boyfriend who is my first love, my first boyfriend, met, actually the very first time i met him i didnt really like him, i thought he was a little cocky, lol, but the following day he offered to help me move and we spent the whole day together and i knew he is the one, after 2 months he asked me to marry him ( but i had to say not yet, because my parents would have never agreed because i had just started university and just turned 18) but we have been together for four years now and when we graduate university ( this year) we will get married… :-D.. great post

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