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Romantic weekend

Seven Mile Restaurant

I have just come back from a wonderful weekend.

My husband said that all our holidays lately have been messed up somewhat. The weekend just past was no exception to this.

The weekend was my husbands last free weekend before he takes over a business that runs mainly on the weekends. So it was to be a celebration and well earned break for both of us.

The plan was to drive about 5 hours north of our home and board a boat for a three day night cruise on the Great Barrier Reef. A call earlier in the week told us that the cruise was cancelled. So the scramble to make alternative plans. We thought we’ll go up north anyway and do day cruises to the reef with idea of  upgrading our diving licences. A check of the weather further depressed us at there was high wind warnings for the weekend and therefore cruising and diving in that region was not looking like a good prospect.

My husband threatened to go to work and forget the weekend all together. I have to say that wasn’t very helpful of him. I said lets just go away anyway. I went to work Friday morning with plan to finish at lunch time. He packed the boot and came and collected me. We stopped in town for lunch and I said, “lets go in the other direction down to Byron Bay, we might get some diving in down there.” So we set off on a 2 hour drive rather than a 5 hour one.

Excitement started to bubble up as we got the final OK on the business we are buying. We got to Byron Bay found it was very busy and I had found an apartment 10 minutes away at Lennox Heads. Very picturesque and quieter.

Something I found to be a very good idea when visiting an area to is to talk to the locals. You find out about gems that are not in the tourist guides. We were told about a nice little restaurant across from the beach. The food was absolutely exquisite at the Seven Mile Restaurant if you are ever in the area do book a table there. I’ve eaten at three hatted restaurants and the food at Seven Mile was right up there.

Oh and the weather was perfect for diving too. We got in two dives at Julian Rocks. Saw all the beautiful colorful little tropical fish.Some of the highlights were the well camouflaged wobbegong sharks

a sea turtle tucked under a rock and a grey nurse shark at least as long as us with a crowd of other fish sticking close to the nurse. We had a wonderful time diving.

Pretty much my perfect weekend. A bit of adventure, fine food and private spa on the deck of our apartment. So even if our original holiday got messed up we still had a fabulous time. If something tries to put a damper on your romance don’t give up and forget about it be flexible and try something else. Our planned weekend didn’t happen but we had a spontaneous one instead and I think it was probably all the more fun because of that.

A couple of comments about romance from my observations of this weekend are. ‘It is not all flowers, chocolates and gifts. But it is doing things together that you truly enjoy.’

I’d like to say thank you to my best mate for sharing such a fantastic weekend with me.

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  1. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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