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This one can be hugely romantic if you pull it off right. The basic idea is to graffiti a romantic note or drawing on the walls and ceiling of your sweetie’s room. Ok, I can hear you already “Are you kidding? They’ll kill me!” See, there’s no faith. People have no faith anymore. Don’t worry, they won’t even be able to see your handiwork until the lights go out. You see, nowadays we have this new-fangled thing called glow-in-the-dark paint. It looks just like regular old white paint in the light, but in the dark it glows like…well…glow bugs…and stuff.

So what should you create? I thought up a few ideas that might be kinda romantic, be sure to add yours in the comments below.

  • Paint a big heart on the ceiling with your names in the middle (i.e. John + Mary)
  • Write a good night note on the wall beside their bed like “Sweet Dreams! -Natalie”
  • Paint little stars and planets on the ceiling so that every night feels like camping!
  • A big note on the ceiling such as “Jessica Loves Mike” or “Good Night, I Love You!”
  • Two smiling stick figures holding hands with your names next to them.

Ok, that’s all I got. Oh yeah, during my searchings I also found out that they have glow-in-the-dark chalk, not just paint. So you could try that too.

Sure it’ll take a little effort to plan the drawing, buy paint, and get it done when they’re not around, but remember that they’ll see your note as they drift off to sleep every night. That’s pretty romantic. Better make it good.


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