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Love A la carte

Menu of Love

A menu for some sweet sweet lovin’, that’s what we’re putting together this time around. One night this week, after finishing up with dinner and getting the dishes squared away, surprise your honey bunny with an after-dinner Menu of Love. Design it to look like a real restaurant menu and list some of their favorite romantic activities for each of the courses. Like some of these for example:


3 minutes of kissing their neck, stomach, or back
5-minute neck rub
Have them close their eyes and see if they can guess the flavors of candy in your mouth with kisses


A sunset walk
Romantic movie of their choice
Board games by the fire
Their favorite music and a glass of wine

Dessert (here we go)

Full body hot oil massage
Share a candlelit bath
Some of the naughty (you know what they like)

They all sound great, right? Remember your mate is limited to just one item from each course. No piggies! Of course the restaurant is often open for business.

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