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looking after No. 1

Well it’s the middle of the week.

My lucky mate has been away for 4 days sailing with his work mates ” business meeting”!! Very nice for some. They saw whales, went snorkeling. Had a lot of laughs. Team bonding I guess? He said he had a wonderful time. It got me to thinking.

Sometimes relationships need that special input. Where your focus on your partner. Find something you both love to do.

It may be sailing, it maybe going somewhere in the bush.  If you are in the northern hemisphere maybe skiing is on the cards. Plan a whole weekend

where you indulge one another. Put an R in romance.

R you are beautiful

R you excite me

R I love being with you.

The project is to make your partner no.1. Numero uno . Top priorty.

Start early and go overboard. Breakfast in silk with champagne and strawberries. Play smooth jazz and dance a little. You may even go back to bed.

Organise a masseuse (unless you are on a boat) and both get a relaxing massage.

Your imagination is your only limitation on your all out romantic weekend. Actually its not, get your mate involved in the planning and then you have two heads  and they are better than one.

You may need to budget for the weekend and wait a little. They say that anticipation is half the fun so enjoy the whole process.

You will make your mate the envy of all their friends.

P.S Romance is addictive and very satisfying. If you haven’t got on board with romance it is time to you will be glad you did.

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