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Two date ideas

Two date ideas

Weekend Markets- brunch date

We have a lots of fantastic markets in our city. There are Farmers markets that sell fresh produce, flowers and lots of food stalls that make scrumptious breakfasts. So make  great start to the day and stock up for week on food and romance. Make sure you buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If craft markets are more your style. Go for  leisurely stroll through the stalls. Lavish gifts upon your lover and finish with an intimate breakfast.

Remember you can increase the romance of the outing just by holding hands as you walk. Say positive and loving words. Put your arm around their shoulders when you stop to look at something.

Just take pleasure in the simple things of life.

Markets in Brisbane Australia

More more great rmantic ideas go to RYM

Go For a Boat Ride

Are you anywhere near water?  Borrow a canoe, hire a boat. Book a romantic Gondola or paddle boat cruise.

Surprise your partner don’t tell them what you have planned. Remember to sit close and tell them how wonderful they are.

Know that your mate is going to be the envy of all your friends if you lavish the love and attention  on them. You wont regret it I promise.


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