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Romance Killers

Romance Killers

Ouch now that sounds serious. Now if you’ve been following me you will know this is a blog about romance.

Today I’m going to talk about an issue that can have negative impact on romance.

There are many of them.

Let’s start with: Speaking Negatively

Speaking negatively to and about your mate can put them off spending any quality time with you. All the chocolates and flowers you invest will be wasted if you criticize them. There are some partners to whom positive words are a must. See my post on Words of Affirmation. Our culture thinks it is humorous to construct a witty put down. My advice is reverse the trend, be funny without the barb. Look for ways to encourage and compliment your mate. Make your mate a star, in your heart and stick it on their mirror.

Now all relationships hit rough patches and I do not advocate you put your head in the sand and hope the issue will go away. When a problem arises it will block the romantic flow. You need to work out your differences with sensitivity and love. Learn how to resolve conflict peacefully. An unresolved issue is a deal breaker, so please respect the other person enough to be part of the solution.

So if you have been guilty of saying negative things about your partner. Make a resolution today to become their biggest fan.


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  1. “Love is what you’ve been through with somebody.” ~ James Thurber

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