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Turkish Date/ How to Dress

Dressing For the Date

Now do you want to dress for the date ? Not necessary but could be a lot of fun.

To be sexy the lady could think of a belly dancer outfit. You could dress up a bikini top with bling and lots of scarves attach then them to your wrists and biceps,and you can wear a little bolero top. Wear loose soft trousers or a long flowing satiny skirt on your hips. Again with scarves and sparkly things. A lot of city’s have belly dancing lessons so ready made costumes are relatively easy to buy. Of course the internet has many to choose from.

Now if you really want to drive your partner wild with delight enroll in some belly dancing classes and put on a show.

Now if you don’t have the nerve to go for the belly dancer look you can cover up a little and wear an ottoman inspired costume. Turkey was called the Ottoman Empire until 1923. The images below show some Ottoman inspired apparel.

Now for the guys you can have some fun too. Not just looking at your date.

Loose trousers and boots. A loose shirt a bolero/vest and a scarf or wide piece material around your waist.

You can wear a turban or a fez on your head.

Now this date is looking really exciting, don’t forget to get some music for background ambiance.


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