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Don’t write a love poem

Step 1: Don’t write a love poem Love is one in all the foremost common themes of poetry. Nearly everything to be said and written regarding love has already been said and written, once  and  more over. The simplest masters of lyric and poetry have tackled this theme  over again and over again. but don’t be discouraged. you may still write a good, unique, original love poem. First you need to push the generic  “love poem” out of your head. Forget it entirely, concentrate on what it’s specifically regarding love you want to express. Write in 1st or 2nd of person, an experience, any knowledge you have  gained from your own life, and how this relates to love. If you come  at it from different  angle, you’ll notice it lots of easier to capture.

Step 2: Avoid clichés This can not be stressed enough. Unless you are dancing the razor-fine line of a satire, clichés should not appear in your poem. Keeping them out is harder than you’d presume. Clichés are what they are owing to common usage, so they tend to be the first things to leap into our minds when searching for expressive flow.   When editing your poem, edit the lines rigorously and build note of one thing that you want to emphasise. Check a suspected cliché and or quotes  in Google or another search engine. (ex: “as red as a rose” or “eyes like fire”) 

 Step 3:  One of the keys to a successful poem is making it distinctive. you’d like your poem to stand out from the others. you’d like your reader to consider  your poem, not roll their eyes and say, “Oh brother, not another one!”  Draw on personal experience, the individuality of things, time and place.   Many others have fallen in love, hearts have broken the earth over. But what range of them have realized it among the middle of that crowded café , or assuaged their pain standing at that special bench leaning  over the river at dusk? Everyone shares similar experiences, nonetheless most are distinctive. build your poem as individual as you are.

Step 4: Use Imagery that is  different in that it still desires certain poetic elements to make it extraordinarily shine. Use the senses to clarify the look, feel, sound, smell and elegance of affection. Love connects to any or all kinds of emotion. With sturdy, vivid imagery, you may bring any of those emotions to life for the reader.


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