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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

 A very romantic thing to do as it involves flames and chocolate. Strawberries are in season so  great time to try it


  • 12 ounces of dark chocolate (chips or roughly chopped if from a block)
  • 8 ounces of heavy cream
  • A pinch of salt
  • Dippables such as strawberries, banana pieces cut into 1-inch chunks, dried apricots, candied ginger, apple pieces and marshmellows.

Now as a fan of the movie ‘Chocolat’ the movie I have been known to put a pinch or 2 of chilli in my chocolate fondue, very nice. Of course you could add rum or brandy instead.


1 Warm the cream over moderate heat until tiny bubbles show and begins to lightly and slowly boil. Add the chocolate and whisk until smooth and full incorporated.

2 Immediately transfer to a fondue pot heated at low or with a low flame, or serve straight from the pot.

3 Arrange the dippables on a platter or plates around the chocolate pot. Use a fondue fork, bamboo skewer, seafood fork, or salad fork to dip the fruit pieces and other dippables into the hot melted cream chocolate mixture. Eat immediately.

If the fondue begins to feel a little stiff, add a tablespoon of heavy cream and stir. It will help it go a little longer. Eventually, it will cook down though and you may need to start a new pot.

Use fresh fruit such as strawberries, pears, or bananas  they are always romantic. Remember feeding the choc dipped fruit to your lover is real sexy thing to do. I would remove it from the fork first don’t want to end up skewering them, not the best way to end a romantic evening.

Go ahead enjoy the fondue a fresh take on giving your mate chocolates.


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  1. Why is it I always feel like you do?

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