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How to Make a Real Rose Petal Bath

If you have rose bushes, use the rose petals to enhance a luxury morning or evening in a hot, skin-softening bath. This is a free way to pamper yourself using the most natural of ingredients.


 Things You’ll Need
  • Rose petals (unsprayed)
  • Jar or plastic container
  • Hot bath water
  • Find unsprayed or wild rosebushes. Gather the fallen petals into a jar or plastic container, or simply pick the petals from the dying roses. They are ready to fall, so they come off easily
  • Run hot bath water
  • Scatter the beautiful rose petals into the gushing water. This is a lovely sight in itself, so you can enjoy the artistic view as well as the smell and feel of the bath.
  • Inhale the scent of the rose petals as you enjoy their skin-softening properties. The water should become noticeably softer.
  • Relax in the floating petals. When you are done, simply drain the tub, gather up the wet petals and dispose of them in the compost pile, if you have one. Repeat whenever you need a luxurious at-home break.

Imitation Rose Petal Bath

  • Buy material rose petals from a craft store.
  • Fill bath with warm water and bubble bath if you like.
  • Sprinkle a favorite perfume or perfumed oil in the bath water
  • Float the petals on the water
  • Relax in the bath
  • Collect petals before you drain the bath dry and reuse

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  1. Never considered it that way.

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