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Turkish Night

Over the next few posts I am going to help you put together an awesome date to try at home.

It will take a little preparation to put this one together.  I am going to giver you recipes and decorating ideas ans even costumes if you want to go all out.

My husband put together a turkish themed date for me some years ago now. It is a cherished memory and was incredibly romantic.

 Turkish feast fit for a Sultan.

Turkish food is a healthy, flavoursome and full of little delights to tempt the palate.

Meze, is the middle eastern version of Italian Antipasta or Spanish Tapas. These small servings served before the main course can take the simple form of olives tipped into a bowl right through to crispy, buttery Ladies Fingers (filo cigars stuffed with melt in the mouth meat or cheese). Meze dishes are there to tempt the palate and stave off the apetite before a main course. However, such is the array of dishes to be had, you can also make a meze selection the entire meal.  There are countless combinations of meze for a meal, but the aim is to accompany the wine or Raki (a potent Turkish spirit) with a balance of flavours and textures. It’s great to offer a mix of meat, fish and vegetable dishes…

What’s great about Meze for the cook is that it needn’t tie you to the kitchen. Most meze can be prepared well in advance leaving you time to cuddle with your mate, enjoy some wine and most importanly, taste your own food.

A good trick is not to lay the table with everything at once, but gradually bring dishes out over an hour or so with a seemingly effortless finesse. This will encourage a subtle romantic experience. 

It’s important to remember that preparation is the key to the success of your roamntic date, and especially a Meze. Spend the day of the party preparing as much of the meal as you can and keep it covered at room temperature – just ready to serve as it is or warmed through in the oven. You’ll find this way of eating really satisfying and relaxing. Don’t try and do everything at the last minute – you’ll end up a frantic mess.

More to come . I will keep you posted.


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