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Chocolate and Strawberries

I just love this image. It makes my mouth water. Tis the season here for strawberries. They are sweet and juicy and tastier at this time of year( Southern hemisphere).

This image is easy to create. Get a straw or kebab stick and gently skewer the tasty fruit. You can use a choc fudge sauce or melted chocolate. If you use melted chocolate add a little cream so it stays liquid. if you want the strawberries to stand up you will need to trim the bottom strawberry so it sits flat. The best thing is you get to feed this to your lover and kiss off any chocolate that escapes.

If it is not strawberry season or you are allergic to this yummy fruit. You can substitute for all sorts of fuit. Pineapple, orange, mandarin etc. Marshmallows are nice also.

Mmmm Yum.

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