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Exquisite Tension

 This is an almost a poetic comment on love. As profound as it is pretty.

We all run out into the night in the search for love.

 Some of us scared, some of us sure.

None of us really know if Cupid’s arrow  is pointed in our direction.

 None the less we can become frenzied in the pursuit of this feeling of assurance.

 It’s this exquisite tension that spurs us on.

To connect at any real level takes a leap of faith.

The ultimate surrender of ego, the chanced arm, and the self belief that you deserve it.

 Love isn’t hard to find but it is hard to keep the faith that she will court you whilst you grow belief in her.

Sometimes all that’s needed is the acknowledgement that humour is your best ally.

When you gain perspective and the wisdom to view yourself with mirth

what you are in fact doing is making friends with ‘love’.

Love is light, true and playful and when you realise that any doubts, and insecurities should fade away.

Love will find you but I have a feeling she may just introduce herself with a warm smile and an easy hello.


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