Learn about love & romance

What is Romance

Defining Romance:

The dictionary defines romance as either;

  • a short-lived passionate love affair,
  •  a spirit of or inclination for adventure, excitement, or mystery.

Neither of these really give an accurate understanding of romance as we define it, although both touch on aspects that are critical to romancing your mate. Yes romance is about passion and love, but it’s also about adventure, mystery and excitement.

To truly understand romance you have to look at it as not a noun; a thing, or even as a verb; something you do. People use the adjective form of the word; ‘romantic’ to describe a thing, or something that happened, or even a place, but usually there is a lot more to what they are saying than just the words, or a definition. Romance can not be pinned down, or put in a box and tied up with a bow so we can finally say “There, I’ve got it, that is romance”. For romance is more abstract; romance lives, not in the definitions of a dictionary, or in the 3-step process of a self-help manual, or even, if we are honest, in the advice of this blog.

Romance lives not in the intellect, but in the heart, the feelings, the raw, natural part of ourselves that ignores the head and says “to heck with logic; I’m in love”. Or, at least, that’s where it starts.


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