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Missing you

Missing you

Jun 27

There’s a hole in my heart
It’s not quite complete
There something missing
And two lips only speak
That are better off kissing your face

This hand just writes verse
There’s nothing better to do
Only worse things spring to mind
Like wiping tears from eyes
That are better off blind if they can’t look at you

Feet stand still
That might otherwise dance
As my heart fills with joy
But now now is only empty
No thrill at the sound of your voice

My ears hear you not
And no blood rush occurs
Though I haven’t forgotten how you feel
My body remembers you still
And waits for the real you to replace the memory



Comments on: "Missing you" (11)

  1. Sad to lose in love but, you cpatured that feeling well in this piece. Sad but, lovely

  2. Wow the emotion incredible piece!

  3. Love and missing. I could feel the depth of the powerful emotions.
    Happy Rally!

  4. J Sirrah said:

    Wonderful flow 🙂

  5. love this one, well delivered feelings.

  6. beautiful poetry.

    How are you?
    Welcome join poets rally week 48 today,
    Awesome poetry you have here, keep it up.
    Hope to see you share.
    simply visit me and make a comment under the post after linking in your entry.

  7. Sad, but beautiful.
    Glad it was only a temporary absence.

    Nicely done!

    My entry:

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