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Remember to Love

This  poem/ prose I wrote some years ago when my husband was having back trouble. I found it today when I was looking for my poetry book. Funny thing is he had the surgery and was good after that but he is in pain again and due to have another operation so this poem is relevant again.

Remember to Love

Lately things have been very intense.

My husband whom I love lies sleeping fitfully in our bed.

He is in agony, back pain personified.

I watch him fade before my eyes.

I say to my God and helper.

“What is the meaning of this?”

And I hear a lesson

“Learn to LOVE in sickness and in health.”

Remember to love when children of your womb die as you sleep.

Remember to love when finances are bleak.

Remember to love when your lover is asleep.

Even when you want him.

Remember compassion and mercy.

Remember to give when you feel rung out unable to give.

Remember loving when it hurts.

Be gentle and kind when it doesn’t come naturally.

Remember to love.


Comments on: "Remember to Love" (1)

  1. deep thoughts, moving words, elegant poetry.
    love the image you chose.

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