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The Surprise

Now some people, actually a lot of people like surprises.

As I posted the sunset shot that was taken on our 20 th anniversary. It took me back to our fifth anniversary. When we weren’t quite so good at anniversaries.

My husband is a keen runner and was training hard for’ The Round the Bays Race’ in Auckland (NZ). I figured out early on that the race was on our anniversary. Now I could’ve got all offended and requested he give up the race for the sake of the marriage. But I resisted the urge and got on with a plan. We had baby and a daughter to care for. With no family nearby I decided to call the in laws. They were happy to come for a visit. They arrived on the Friday. I packed up the bags and as soon as he got home I put them in the car and said we are going out.

As we drove out of town I let him in on the surprise. I had booked a hotel in Auckland close to the starting line of the race. We spent the next day together going to a popular island in the bay. We enjoyed the time without the children and just had a real romantic time. The next day he got up bright and early and found himself at the front for the race, which helped him get his best time.

So if you have a partner likes surprises work on one and surprise them soon.

If your mate is  like me and not keen on surprises still put the effort in by planning  wonderful time and keeping your mate in the loop about what you are doing.

Good luck


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