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It doesn’t take psychology degree to realize that men and women are different. Not only are guys physically different, but mentally and emotionally as well. This is why guys not only have a different attitude to romance compared to girls, they also consider different things romantic compared to girls. You’ve probably figured this out for yourself already, but a prime example would be flowers; girls consider them sweet and romantic, but they’re just too feminine for your average guy – he would feel embarrassed if he received flowers. Now I’m talking in general here of course and some guys may love flowers, but generally guys get impressed by quite different things to girls. For instance, a lot of things that say “I love you” to a guy may not be considered romantic at all to a girl. Don’t be put off by the fact that you don’t think it’s romantic, ladies; you may score yourself some big brownie points if you try some of these ideas:

Ok, so a lot of guys are into their sports, so indulge them (after all, you appreciate it when your man comes shopping with you, don’t you?). Buy tickets for both of you to his favourite sporting event; it has all kinds of benefits. You’ll get to see what it is that excites him, maybe learn a bit about the game, see him at his most passionate and come home with a very happy man.

Hire a sports car for the weekend; this maybe a big financial outlay, but look at it this way – it’s about the same as booking a hotel room for a weekend, but you are not stuck in one place. You can make it really fun by bringing it home to him, or having it there for him when he gets home to surprise him. Make it work for both of you by packing a picnic in the back a planning a drive along a winding, picturesque road to a lovely scenic spot for lunch and what ever else may happen…….

Chocolates are ok for guys, but try to find out what he really likes. For instance, my wife knows I really like nougat, so when she wants to spoil me she get chocolate covered nougat. Or maybe your man likes liquorish, or mint, or caramel, or icecream; there are so many way to eat chocolate that you are bound to be able to find something that will really ignite his taste buds.

How about a wine and cheese tasting evening? Bring home a few bottles that you’ve never tried before and a cheese platter with crackers. You’ll be educating your palate sharing a learning experience, enjoying great food (cheese and red wines go particularly well together) and having the side benefit of the effects a few glasses of wine will have on this special alone time together. (just be careful not to overdo the wine)

If your man’s primary love language is touch (see our page on the 5 Love Languages), or even if it’s one of his secondary languages he will feel very special if he comes home to find a warm, candle lit room with towels laid out and massage oil at the ready. After a hard week at work a massage will relax your man, or excite him, depending on the pressure and technique you use. Look up some tips online, even watch a video on YouTube to educate yourself about this great way to set the mood. I’m a ‘touch’ myself, so my wife knows this the best thing she can do to make me all gooey inside.

Obviously if your man’s primary love language is quality time, or words of affirmation, etc you can organize something else that will feed his love meter. Maybe give him a hand made card with the letters of his name and a list of endearing, positive attributes against each one (we’ll be putting up a page with a list of positive adjectives on this site very soon). Perhaps you could buy (or make) a gift for him, not because it’s his birthday, but for no other reason, than to say “I love you”. Or prepare a list of open ended questions and let him know you’d like to spend the evening getting to know him better; ‘What is it that excites you about watching football?”, “what’s your favourite childhood memory?”, “if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you like to go and why?”. You get the idea.

If you know your man week, you should have no trouble finding things that show him you love him, if not, you’ve got a wonderful opportunity ahead to find out. Have fun and happy romancing!


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