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Love Hunt

The Love Hunt

We know kids love a scavenger hunt. How about one to add a bit of mystery to your romance.

I talked earlier about Love Languages. So these hunts will based on those.

Words of Affirmation

Either around the house or at a park. Write clues and put in envelopes. Each clue has a hint of where to find the next clue and a compliment.

Quality Time

On favourite walk place clues to follow. Go with them as they search for the next envelope. Place the final clue on a picnic rug with a bottle of bubbly and some canapés

The clues this time are going to lead to the beautifully wrapped gift.

Acts of Service

This time each clue could include a voucher for a chore you will do for them. Or they may lead to something you have made that you know they would like. E.g a Cake

Physical Touch

With each clue add a voucher for a hug, or neck rub, hand or foot massage etc. Find yourself once again at the picnic rug or a private spot if the vouchers call for that, with a sign that says voucher collection point.

Now I am sure you will find this is just a catalyst for your own ideas. Have fun with this.

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