Learn about love & romance

Surfing the net can make you look an absolute stunner when it comes to romance. Here’s a cool idea to surprise your mate.

Jump Start the Romance

by Michael Webb (Thank you Michael whoever you are)

Do you have a garage with an automatic door opener? Have I got a clever idea for you.

The next time you really want to surprise your husband/wife as they come home, go into the garage and tie a three foot string onto the bottom handle of the garage door. On the other end of the string attach a card or lightweight (non-breakable) gift. When they hit the opener, the card will magically rise from the floor to greet them as they arrive.

Now, if you would like to go over the top with this idea, tie balloons, streamers and other festive items to the bottom of the door too. You could even create a banner that would run the entire length of the garage if you were up to it.

Have fun with this.


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